About Therapy

what are counselling and psychotherapy, and how do they work?

Psychodynamic psychotherapy and counselling is a type of in depth therapy, which aims to help people understand their inner world. Painful situations in the present may have roots in the past. Gaining insight into these connections or patterns can open up new ways of thinking and possibilities for change.

We work with individuals on an open-ended or time-limited basis.

Some of the issues that we can think about together include:

– Sadness and depression
– Feeling anxious or stressed
– Struggling to make and maintain relationships
– Experiencing bereavement and loss
– Issues around sexuality and identity
– Suffering from trauma
– Issues around eating disorders or self harm
– Experiencing overwhelming guilt, shame or anger
– Encountering obsessional thoughts or phobias
– Feelings of low self esteem
– Struggling to find a sense of purpose
– Difficulties adapting to change

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86 Southwark Bridge Rd

Kate: 07980 232 181 |  Lesley: 07981 786 963

E: info@cityandeastlondonpsychotherapy.co.uk

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